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T.N.C. Testimonials

"I'm thankful for coming to T.N.C., not only did it make me the type of player where I felt I could cover anybody, T.N.C. helped mold me into a smarter football player, as well."

- Jamal Richardson, Oswego (Iowa State) 

"Without the training I got through T.N.C., I wouldn't be the player and person I am today. Coach Todd has taught me to be a different breed of linebacker; which will help me at the next level. He also taught me how to be a good person off the field, too!"

- Bob McMillen, Naperville Central (Iowa State)

"I met Coach Todd at an athletic event where he was coaching the defensive backs. I got a chance to get coached up by him. Throughout the workout he continued to fix bad habits I had created. After training with Coach Todd for a couple of years, I have broken those habits. The way he trains guys makes it easy to transfer the lesson to the field. I love Coach Todd."

- Aaron Garland, Fenwick (Connecticut)

"Coach Todd has been both a mentor and a coach to me over the years. Nothing drives him more than helping athletes reach their potential. I can say confidently that I wouldn't be where I am today without him."

- Emmanuel Rugamba, Naperville Central (Iowa)

"Coach Todd has played a big part in developing me into the player that I am today. He has helped me to reach the level that I am at today (D-1 football)."

- Parrker Westphal, Bolingbrook (Northwestern)

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